Inspiring Success Journey

Inspiring Success Journey of Shubhra Srivastava


Bringing strong leadership experience at DIGIPRIMA Technologies, with a belief that leadership begins with collaboration. Leadership is about making decisions and taking the responsibility for those decisions.

Shubhra Srivastava Early Life

Shubhra Srivastava became an electrical engineer at a time when women in tech were not what they are today. After graduating from Maulana Azad NIT (a regional engineering college), Bhopal in 1989, “After graduation, she didn’t work for about 10 years because she got married and raised kids, and then it was really hard for her to get a job again after a long gap. But she did not give up, kept on searching, and finally, she got a job at NIIT Limited. She turned to software engineering by joining NIIT Limited as a project lead and a faculty member. While working with several software companies including HCL Technologies, she realized that she could build her own business, and that was the turning point in her life. In January 2016, he ventured into his own business by starting Digiprima, an IT solutions company in Indore.

Business history

DigiPrima was founded in 2016 as a software service company with few employees with a dream to provide best services to clients and best working environment to the employees. In 2018 the company had 100 + clients and acquired its first Fortune 200 customer.

The startup, which has a presence across industries like banking and finance, retail, eCommerce, logistics, healthcare, education, and manufacturing, offers solutions in IoT application development, website development and design, AI solutions in Tensorflow, Microsoft CNTK, and Accord.NET.

In November – 2022, DigiPrima established Madhya Pradesh, India seventy-five software research and development companies, the DigiPrima Research Development and Design Centre in Indore. In 2022, it established India’s first client-dedicated offshore development center, set up for clients Tandem.

In 2022, DigiPrima launched the business strategic management software application. In the next six years, the company developed bespoke software for a number of prolific firms.

Her thoughts on technology

The billionaire sees technology as an opportunity to transform the business world. According to Shubra, technology should be used in such a way that it positively impacts society. If you don’t keep up with new technology, you risk losing ground to your competition.

To ease your mind, remind yourself that technology has always advanced with the aim of making our lives better. Also, remember that once upon a time all technology was new. Those who are open to new technology are more likely to benefit from it. So keep an open mind when new technologies emerge or existing technologies continue to evolve.


Transformational Leadership

Shubhra Shrivastava leadership style depends significantly on collaboration and transparency. With this approach to transparency, she believes that it is not just a buzzword but a manner that all companies should support.

Shubhra keeps everyone together

She always listens to the ideas, suggestions, and others’ perceptions patiently and then takes action on them. He trusts his employees and respects their opinions, even if they are different.

Take risks

It is said that risks come along with success. One has to take risks in order to get successful. Shubhra would not have been able to get success if he had not taken risks in his life.


To build a better world with Information Technology


  • Provide best-of-breed software products to enable organizations to run their businesses and operations better
  • Deliver effective IT solutions and quality services to enhance the competitive advantages of our clients
  • Maintain a sustainable social environment and be a socially responsible corporate citizen


  • Be Passionate and Determined
  • Embrace and Drive Change
  • Take Ownership and Accountability
  • Think and Act as a Professional
  • Establish Trust with Communication
  • Revitalize through Learning and Growth


  • Digiprima has been recognized as – Of the top 75 IT/ ITES companies of Madhya Pradesh in 2022.
  • Founded a successful small business which grew by over 500% in under 5 years.
  • More than 100 employees are working in our company in 2023.

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