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Nidhi Malhotra Success Saga of an Innovative Business Leader, Her Roadblocks and Path to Achievements!

How did you come to be an entrepreneur? 

Entrepreneurship is something I have inherited from my father. Right from my childhood, I have closely observed my father executing ideas that converted into fruitful businesses, and it was the biggest inspiration for me. During my working period at Accenture, the thought of becoming an entrepreneur began from the inner call of doing something unconventional which not only helps me to grow professionally but also offer a chance to look at life from a unique perspective, to help me to grow as a person by enhancing my life skills. Before starting this journey, I was well aware of challenges and obstacles which I would definitely be facing however I started with a positive outlook to bring a change with my business idea. 

How is it different from other companies?

We follow a customer-centric business model and have a people-oriented work culture. Our range of products provides a great blend of sustainability, excellent quality, constrained cost, and easy cleaning solutions.

Throw some light on your business and its offerings.

Harvey CleanPro‘ is a reputed and leading manufacturer of commercial cleaning, housekeeping and room care, sanitation and hygiene, hand care, floor care, food, and even beverage plant operations. ‘Harvey CleanPro’ diligently adheres to sustainable business practices and navigates its customers to create their own businesses with higher profitability and sustainability. We offer a wide range of products and solutions that improvise the customer’s operational efficiency along with the hygiene and sanitizing results which we believe assist them in saving their brands. Our products also help customers achieve their goals of reducing waste, energy, and water consumption and are able to provide documented analysis of the cost and resource savings they can achieve by implementing our solutions. 

How challenging is it for a woman to start any company? Have you faced any unusual situations doing business in India as a female entrepreneur?

Well, starting a new business is always challenging, may it be a male or a female. Today, women are taking leadership of many successful businesses. The fundamentals of developing a successful business stay the same for both men and women. From my personal experience, I can say that I’d never think of gender playing a role in the execution of the business plan, even though it’s a manufacturing business that is regulated by a male-dominated industry. Ultimately, it’s just a matter of mindset, and female entrepreneurs should never consider themselves lesser than anyone else. With full conviction and dedication, they can create successful ventures. I want to witness the time when the ‘Entrepreneur’ word will be used in place of ‘Women Entrepreneur.’ This could be a step ahead toward gender equality.

How do you achieve work-life balance? 

Achieving a work-life balance can be quite challenging for the start-up, and it could be the toughest thing of being an entrepreneur. Instead of striving for the perfect schedule, I work out on a realistic one. Few days, I concentrate more on work, while my priorities remain personal requirements on other days. Maintaining the right balance for me is the ultimate goal, and it is achieved over time, not every day. As and when I get the chance, I prefer making travel plans and spending quality time with my beloved family. Most of my weekends are spent with friends and family members. I also behold a strong connection with the divine power, which bestows me with ample positive energies to achieve my inner balance.

Did you have a mentor to guide you through your professional journey?

I do not have a specific mentor, but my practical learning experiences have always guided me. I strongly believe in the power of intuitive decision-making, and it empowers me to take more accurate and quick decisions even amidst uncertain situations. My spiritual connections have always empowered me to tackle the toughest situations, and they never allowed me to feel lost during my journey as an independent entrepreneur.

How are entrepreneurship and working women important for India?

Entrepreneurship benefits surpass the boundaries of established businesses. Entrepreneurs play a major role in bringing about change in the lives of individuals and the entire economy as well. With entrepreneurship, it is possible to transform communities as it helps generate new jobs, hopes, and prosperity, as well as bring about change through innovation.

Working women have a life beyond their families and kids, which gives them a sense of self-accomplishment and fulfilment.  It increases their self-esteem considerably; they feel more satisfied with themselves. Working outside the home not only gives women financial independence but also helps them to evolve as a better person who is knowledgeable, confident, happy, and sees life through a wider lens. Women being a part of the workforce can bring about a change not just for the entity but also for society as a whole.

Define a perfect business leader. What are the qualities you think a great leader possesses?

A perfect business leader has a vision, they know how to motivate and inspire others; building, nurturing, and coaching their team. The mark of effective leadership is an individual’s ability to “walk the talk,” guiding others with their behaviour instead on focusing on words. A few important qualities of a business leader are Integrity, Courage, Effective Communication, Critical and Strategic Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, and Resilience.

What advice would you give to other businesswomen who want to thrive in a male-dominated industry?

Keep alive your passion for creating a successful business, as it’s that passion that enforces the strength to overcome various obstacles. Besides, success should not just be measured with financial independence but with a purposeful journey wherein you inspire other people with good work.

Are you a decision maker & risk taker?

Risk-taking is a part of the decision-making process. Entrepreneurship is about both; we cannot build a great business if we are not taking risks. One of the most rewarding things a person can experience is a calculated risk paying off. Only experience prepares you and boosts the confidence to take risks when it matters.  

One word that describes you the best


If you had one piece of advice for rising entrepreneurs just starting out, what would it be?

It’s not only a great business idea that builds a successful business, but also the personality of the person who is executing that idea decides the destiny of the business. Having said that, my advice to rising entrepreneurs is – Do it if you are really passionate about it and be ready to accept failures before you expect to see success. The hardships in entrepreneurship are rarely talked about but the truth is entrepreneurship is hard. You have to have a really thick skin to endure all the stress and unpredictability that comes with it. Learning what to expect can help you prepare for challenges before they arise. Not all challenges are negative, learning from early obstacles can help you grow your business, refocus your efforts and teach you important recovery skills. It demands a lot but it also provides a lot. 

How would you like people to remember you and your company?

I want to be remembered as an entrepreneur who created positive change in the lives of customers who used our products, positive change to the environment with sustainable solutions, and positive change in the lives of people I worked with in our team. And as a brand, we always want to be remembered as the clear choice in the industries. 

What is your favorite metaphor for describing entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is not a Destination; it’s a journey.

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