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Nitika Shahi- Success Saga of an Entrepreneur, Her Journey

Nitika Shahi- Success Saga of an Entrepreneur: Being a child, my favourite game and the pass time was setting up the office and imitating that I was managing the office or the business. This was the beginning of my journey that gradually transformed into my passion for being an entrepreneur.

My real inspiration was derived from my father, who ran a successful business and inculcated in me the fact that any person’s real ethics and values lie in their work.

Journey of a Visionary, Believer and a Successful Women Entrepreneur

My professional journey started at the early age of 16 years, and it was not due to any financial issues. Right from an early age, my father believed every woman must learn about financial independence. When I was 25, I began working as a marketing manager in an event management startup. Here, I was given multiple projects for marketing by the firm. It was related to the product launches and a huge risk that the company took on me.

Within 1.5 years, I became a marketing professional as I single-headedly scaled all the business verticals and obtained 5x growth. It was the moment when my passion for making something on my own was ignited. It made me realize that events today have missing elements, and there’s a lot more room for people to consume.

At the beginning of Summentor Pro, I infused these elements and witnessed the paradigm shift in people and the event management industry. Throughout my business career, I gathered several skills that were also applicable to my life and business today. It consisted of a diverse skills portfolio and talent that enhanced my confidence in being a successful entrepreneur.

A Glimpse on Business Services and Offerings

At Summentor Pro Sales and Marketing Consultants, we provide a wide range of services with a 360 Degree Holistic view on it. We have a dedicated focus on enhancing the socio-economic conditions of the country.

Below are the 3 Primary Services/ Offerings:

  • Event Management and Networking
  • Government and Private Company Relationship Building
  • Connect Now Services

Event Management and Networking: Our networking and event management company broadly deals with B2B, B2G, and B2B&C. Here are the several flagship events stated below:

  • Global Smart Build Summit and Awards
  • MSME & Startup Summit and Awards
  • Women Who Lead National Forum
  • Rural Development Summit and Awards
  • Defence Innovation Summit and Awards

Government and Private Company Relationship Building :

Summentor Pro Sales and Marketing invested around 3 years in developing strong and reliable contacts with Cabinet Ministers and Policy Makers from Indian Government. We can assist brands searching for direct government support, loans, and Policy opportunities and even gain key inputs or tenders that are floated amidst different departments, set-up units under the support of government guidance and election campaigns, etc.

We also aid the Government of India with various Marketing and Information led services to ensure a detailed overview of every plan and policy that is implemented on the ground level. This includes:

Connect Now Services

This includes a forerunner service offered by a few selective industries and clients who mark repetitive success stories and client conversion for numerous clients and brands.

It instantly connects the sales-ready leads through innovative services and products in a certain format, ensuring a 100% sales deal close ratio.

 Working on this plan begins with appointing a well-trained extended sales and marketing team for clients. They summarize the client requirements and then shortlist the possible leads according to the geographical selection and market. Our team offers complete assistance for the end-to-end sales journey, starting from Lead Identification – Information Gathering – Cold Calling – Rapport Building – Lead Nurturing – Sales Pitch – Follow-Up – Deal Closure.

The team follows This detailed process for every lead generation that ensures a 100% deal closure.

What’s Unique About Us?

Our business structure is completely formulated on creating socio-economic growth and being a brand; our primary focus lies in handling various business aspects and tackling implementation problems by offering a 360-degree holistic approach to it.

All our initiatives and work are primarily based on businesses and sectors encompassing tomorrow’s future. We are regularly working on creating awareness and creating the initial networking grounds for targeting the real masses and numbers. This can assist our business in capturing the new dimension of opportunities and information in numerous demographics of the country.

We have gained good momentum in the Overseas and Indian markets by adhering to this niche and quality-focused approach.

Hurdles and Roadblocks Faced by the Women Entrepreneur In India

The journey of a woman in business can be filled with challenges as the achievement are not always related to direct ambition and goals in work. We follow a human pre-conceived notion that not just entitles women to commence the specific set of roles in society. Thus, you can never find a woman being globally celebrated for her list of achievements.

As a part of the male dominant business society, I always identified that a fair chance was not offered to me only due to the gender perspective, irrespective of my past achievement. Often, I have heard people mentioning that this is not a genuine passion or role, and it is always better to choose anything that syncs well with your gender. This has always been a journey for me to create a name in the business environment from the time of my firm’s inception.

I faced numerous challenges in proving my talent and giving reasons to run my own business. Such risks are not an appreciated quality among women. Perhaps, such hindrances did not stop me from aligning into the description box of society labels, and I was identified as a woman with finesse. My biggest supporter always was persistence, and I strongly believe that luck is with people who have courage.

Insight on Tips for Creating the Work-Life Balance

Many people think that over-achievers and underachievers were able to make it big as they slogged for 18 hours or even more. Though it’s a fact, I believe that work-life balance is essential to stay alive and achieve consistent success.

To attain this, I created a weekly agenda with multiple elements that support me in creating focus and spending quality time with my family and myself. I believe prioritization is the key to it, and it is impossible to create a healthy, happy and long life until you create a balanced schedule.

Gist of Indian Markets and Business Environment

I like to follow a routine; I am quite courageous, persistent and, above all, a real risk takes, believer and innovator at heart.

As an entrepreneur, I observed that Indian markets are the most difficult to crack and are the biggest fear of all Indian brands. Other markets are comparatively simpler and do not possess as much diversity as observed in our country. It is amazing. Besides, brands and businesses must concentrate on solving real issues in the country rather than paying attention to just money or quick money.

Our densely populated society opens doors for massive and small ticket problems. If Indian businesses adhere to a focused approach, they can soon cross the happy economy mark.

Significance of Working Women in India

For any sustainable economic growth, it is important that women participate in business and work. This will not just ensure development in the economy but also bring about a change in the lives of women. The count of this has now become stagnant at just 30%.

The labour survey also shows that there was a decline after 2005. This inspires women to combat physical and emotional abuse and helps them handle various social issues and pressures by themselves. Even working families have now cherished a better living quality owing to extra income.

I also personally believe that if women can acquire a higher level of emotional intelligence, it can help them in societal and business advancement.

Qualities of a Good Business Leader

The legendary Mr Ratan Tata was known for his country’s patriotism, and his work in the country’s development was commendable. My idea of success transformed when I appeared in an interview during the launch of Tata Indica for the middle-class segment of the country.

During that interview, he stated about the most crucial phase of his life when all his friends stopped responding to calls as they were quite certain of starting the downfall. Still, he took a risk and launched the car. I have read in books that success is quite lonely, which was proved in his statement.

In a nutshell, great leaders must possess clear judgements, must be risk-takers and show their love for people and the country. They must work on the path of solving real issues of the country with business or through social work. I think Mr Tata pertains all these qualities.

Roadmap for the Success Of the Organization

During 2023 and 2024, the roadmap was focused on taking our services in the international direction. We must head towards Made in India concepts globally.

On a Concluding Note!

A piece of advice for the businesswomen willing to sustain in a male-dominated industry is that once you are sure about the concept, do not stop and keep hammering yourself daily with the same things.

While people pass judgement or speak less, give them outcomes through actions. Working towards a cause close to your heart is important; eventually, the passion for taking charge will ignite automatically.

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