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Ridhi Chhabra: Imagitrue Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Ridhi Chhabra is an MBA and an Advanced Certified Scrum Master (A-CSM), and she has a great passion for web design, development, and digital marketing.

Be it bringing up businesses online, marketing, helping in growing sales, or any other IT services – Ridhi is an enthusiastic and iconic entrepreneur who loves managing it all with her team of experts at Imagitrue Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

In more than 80% of her projects, she implements Scrum Framework, which resulted in a great product experience and successful project completion.

And unlike others, she does not read success stories, instead, she enjoys stories that talk about failures. She says, Everyone will tell you what’s great in there and what’s the best to do. But I love to read, what makes a project fail? What makes the startups fail? And I learn what NOT to do.

This is what reminded us of a famous quote by Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, which says, “Do not read success stories, you will only get a message. Read failure stories, you will get some ideas to get success.”

She loves to make connections and deliver projects to customers across the globe including countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

Read ahead to the inscribed conversation that we pleasantly had with the Director of Imagitrue Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Ridhi Chhabra, and know more about her and her company!

Give us a bit of background of your company.

Imagitrue Technology Pvt. Ltd. was registered in August 2018, we provide creative IT solutions to our clients who are spread across the globe. We are a team of Expert IT Professionals in the field of UI/UX Design, Web Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing, and Project Management Consultancy.

We believe in teamwork and always give 100% effort in each project we work on. We put our soul into it.

Currently, we are happily serving our customers from different countries across the globe such as India, the United States, New Zeeland, the United Kingdom, Australia, etc.

To date, we have successfully delivered numerous services like website design and development, digital marketing, networks/server support, UI/UX design, and agile project management consultancy.

Where does your interest in entrepreneurship come from – how did you start?

I started my career in 2010 at an American Company. Worked on a lot of projects, and got promoted, as a Project Manager. Changed 2 jobs and when I decided to leave the job, I was already a Senior Project Manager. I have always dreamt about opening my own IT Company. I was always passionate about taking my own decisions and I strongly believe, if we love what we do, we always get success. Therefore, I wanted to chase my passion and be an Entrepreneur.

Give us insights into the major offerings of the company. And, how does the company supports people with its offerings?

We provide a variety of services to our clients such as website designing, UI/UX designing, digital marketing (SEM/SMO/SEO), agile project management consultancy, logo designing, graphics designing, WordPress development, etc.

All of our services serve our concerned clients, based on their needs and requirements.

What makes your company stands out in the market?

Our project management approach is the strength that makes all our projects successful. Imagitrue prioritizes quality over quantity and we take projects only when we are 100% sure that we can deliver them successfully.

Our team consists of highly experienced and expert professionals who take full responsibility for the respective domain they work in. We made our quality measures and standards in such a way that they meet international requirements, and we follow and stay up to date with the latest industry standards for our continuous learning through seminars and webinars.

Our team’s efforts and dedication already made us get a lot of happy clients and their testimonials, which keeps us motivated to keep going and continue to deliver the best of our services.

How do women feel in a male-dominated industry? Have you experienced a different attitude because of gender?

I have always seen and experienced that women are always underpaid. Nowadays, people respect women and support them, but still, the salary of women everywhere is less than what men receive. This should change. In my own company, I treat men and women equally and the salaries are not gender-based. It depends on their skill set.

What do you think is the toughest problem for businesswomen?

The toughest problem for any businesswoman is “Work-life Balance.” Nowadays, I have seen women juggling their personal lives as well as their businesses. Women can conquer heights, provided they are blessed with a supporting family.

What’s a day in your life like as an entrepreneur?

My day starts with creating my “To Do” list. Every day, I start reviewing my emails, checking my team is logged in on time, and creating a priority list for each day. My day revolves around juggling and managing projects with the team.

It ends with signing off the To Do list and creating another one for the next day!

Who are your clients? How do you keep your clients happy and satisfied?

My clients are mostly businesses that outsourced their digital marketing services to the Imagitrue team. They are mostly in the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

I don’t focus on keeping my clients happy, I just focus on delivering what they want and meeting their expectations. Also, Communication is the key. I feel that’s all that keeps them happy and satisfied.

Though the statistics of women entrepreneurs in India are rising, a woman’s ambitions are often doubted in our society. Is it difficult for women to start a business in India?

I believe, YES!

A Women’s life revolves around studying, getting a job, getting married, and having kids. By middle age, if they get time from household chores, they can think about work. That’s always been a criterion for a women’s life in the eyes of society.

I feel happy when I see Women Entrepreneurs all around.

I still remember, when my Father supported my ambition of opening my own IT Company, society started asking him, why he is not focusing on getting me married. Today I am very happy, that at that time, he just cared about my ambition and supported me. He use to reply, it will happen when it is supposed to happen.

2 years later, I found my soul mate/partner. My partner is also very supportive of my business.

They always say, behind every men’s success, there’s always a woman. For me, it’s vice-versa.

Behind my success, there’s my father and my husband.

I believe, it should not be men or women, we as human beings have to support each other to grow.

After all this success and failure, what do you struggle with now?

The struggle is part of the journey. Things change every day in our Industry. I won’t call it a struggle but a learning phase. With every new project, new learning comes in. I believe, if we keep learning, we can always be achieving great results.

How do you achieve a balance between your personal and professional life?

Like, I said earlier, Work-life Balance is the key. Women always have to choose and understand their priorities. There will be life situations when the personal life will be a priority and there will always be situations when work will be the priority. In the end, it’s all about everyday choices, which impact the bigger picture.

I focus on the bigger picture, and make choices according to the situations and that is how I juggle in achieving work-life balance.

What have you learned about entrepreneurship in your journey?

So far, I have learned, how to be a successful entrepreneur. I believe that I am successful and happy so far. However, not satisfied!

I believe, that the moment we feel satisfied, our growth stops. So, I am still learning, and still growing.

List the awards and milestones won by the company.

So far, I and Imagitrue Technologies Pvt. Ltd. have bagged two awards – Young Project Professional Award that was given to me by Transformance Forums, Mumbai, in 2019. And our Imagitrue Technologies Pvt. Ltd. won the INDIA 500 STARTUP AWARDS by INDIA 5000 Business Awards in 2020.

Also, we opened our new office in Dehradun, in February 2022.

What is your future agenda to keep growing in the market?

We are planning to increase the number of team members, and we are also focusing on hiring more. Also, we will be introducing more IT services.

As a source of inspiration for many, what would your advice be for female entrepreneurs, who are planning to enter in the business world?

My advice to upcoming entrepreneurs would be-

Do not be afraid to take Risks!

What happens is, generally we are so comfortable with our 9 to 5 jobs, that we do not know what goes outside. When we decide to enter the business world, we see a lot is going on. We always get afraid to take small steps. For example, how will I get customers? What will be the revenue? How will I pay salaries?

I would say – Be Bold!

Go ahead, make your plan and take action! Trust your actions and you will achieve what you work for 🙂

And one last piece of advice is, just love your business. If you love what you do, you will always achieve great results.

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