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Rimjhim Charan, Elevating Lifestyles with Futuristic Designs and Trends!

Give us a bit of background about yourself and your company.

100Krafts is all about futuristic designs and creativity and customization! We curate custom-centric designs that can enhance their living experience and try to figure out the best options suitable for them. 100% customer satisfaction is the core principle of my entity that allows us to get an edge over other market competitors and add an essence of versatility to our brand. Drafting a roadmap for the team for them to brainstorm and come up with unique concepts is what I believe in.

Every house is crafted with love, desires, and inspiration that can leave back lasting memories in the client’s mind. We are breaking the barriers of traditional ideologies and cost escalations by fitting the products to the customer’s requirements. With years of experience, we’ve been able to put in a fine blend of creativity and competitive streak in our every move. Our company follows the idea of bringing the client’s expectations to the plate so that they attain value for each penny spent.

Where does your interest in entrepreneurship come from – how did you start?

After completing my education with bright grades from DPS, I aspired to do Economic honours at DU. Post that, I was married and settled in Cyprus, Europe, where I completed my MBA. Backed by my 14+ years of experience in interior designing and execution platform solutions, CRM and people management has always been my forte. Starting from online gaming to forex and being an independent sales consultant for elite projects, there’s a lot that evolved my entrepreneurial journey.

The real business journey of 100Krafts started when an old friend, Mr Ravi, rang me up to begin the new Geo Pune for this startup in 2012 at Bangalore. This fuelled me with conviction that I had a great passion for designing, and then I began with an altogether new role and profession at 100Krafts.

Give us insights into the significant offerings of the company. And, how does the company support people with its offerings and services?

100Krafts is all about crafting designs with customized plans relatable to the clients. We believe in delivering what you dream of. Every house or space is thoughtfully designed by putting in all the creativity to create a perfect execution. At 100Krafts, we prefer to listen to our client’s requirements instead of presenting a standard catalogue of designs.

Right from primary consultation to the final furnishing and choosing other artefacts, there’s a lot of homework and research involved in our process to meet the customer’s expectations. Our dedicated team of experts can achieve a certain milestone level through a detailed study of the project that ensures the best outcomes in terms of theme, style, décor or design.

What makes your company stand out in the market?

I believe that the essence of innovation is the thought process! Currently, 3 types of people are engrossed in interiors, including the primary carpenter/ contractors, individual designers or the firms who are luring the opportunities to become big market players. 100Krafts strikes a perfect balance between personalized consulting and professional advice to create perfect customized interiors that meet your desires.

It is essential to ensure that the style and theme sync to get a fresh vibe to every house we design. Our contractors, vendors and designers work as a team to coordinate and finish every project with great determination.

How do women feel in a male-dominated industry? Have you experienced a different attitude because of gender?

Leadership qualities are beyond titles or gender, and I aspire to bring more women into the industry. Despite societal pressures, theories or myths; how you shape yourself as an individual is of utmost importance. Evolution is not possible until you seed yourself with motivation and self-belief in achieving the impossible. When we need change, it has to start with ourselves.

Who are your clients? How do you keep your clients happy and satisfied?

We are redefining the modern-day interior designing industry by adding a touch of customization to it. Hundreds of happy clients and successful project completion and delivery to 2500+ clients is a milestone we have reached till now. The entire experience of consulting the customers and assigning skilled designers to bring out their requirements has been our most significant prerequisite to date. We have great positive reviews and satisfactory responses from our clients that motivate us to keep going at 100Krafts.

Though the statistics of women entrepreneurs in India are rising, women’s ambitions are often doubted in our society. Is it difficult for women to start a business in India?

I advise young girls not to settle for anything less than they wish for. Curating a solid support system around yourself helps combat the peer pressures outside. Multitasking might be draining at times, but girls can nail it with the execution of numerous activities, I Believe, Learn the art of delegating tasks, as it simplifies life and allows you more space to work on creativity and skills. Remember that your ambitions might trigger others and pose challenges, but staying strong-headed and determination is the key.

How do you achieve a balance between your personal and professional life?

My biggest support system on the personal front is my husband, Nitin Charan, my lovely princesses Lavanya and Tishya, and my in-laws, Mr. Satish and Mrs. Rita Charan. Even my sister-in-law Snigdha Gaur have always encouraged me to fulfill all my goals and ambition. My inspiration has always been my late father, Anil Kumar, my Mom, Devayani, my sister Jaayaa, and my brother Aditya who have been the firm pillars to support me in my thick and thins unconditionally. At the same time, I was occupied with travel and work.

Even on the work front, my friend and CEO of 100Krafts, Ravi, has always been a great guide and mentor in dealing with prevalent issues. The core strength of our team is our homegrown leaders, namely Creative Director Ved Nair, Senior Designer Ruchika Bora, and Senior Business Development Manager Apurva.They are the solid foundation of our company.

Nivedita, Achint, and Udipta are also incredible in their areas and have helped take the company to the next level. Finally, not to miss the operations and technical experts of the Bangalore and Pune team working dedicatedly to help us grow in the future.

List the Awards and Milestones won by the company.

Here are a few feathers in the cap of 100Krafts to date:

Featured in News

  • Times Group in 2014 and Home Magazine in 2015.
  • The Hindu” A new initiative brings traditional Madhubani art to your home
  • Featured in the Realty+ Magazine
  • Featured in the Deccan
  • Featured in The CEO Magazine “50 Most Successful Female Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2019
  • SEPT 2019 RIMJHIM Got felicitated at the prestigious 10k woman entrepreneur program by Goldman Sachs thru NSRCEL IIM Bangalore 
  • 100krafts Featured in Business sight Magazine as Best performing company in 2020
  • Featured in Business Insight Media “Best Performing Companies 2020”
  • Ravi Roshan Featured in commagazine in 2021

Awards and Achievements

  • Rimjhiim Charaan featured in prestigious magazine in 2021 under “Top 10 Woman COOs of India
  • Rimjhim Charaan awarded: The winner of the influential woman achiever of India 2021 
  • National Architectural and Interior Design Excellence Awards and Conference 2021
  • Leading and most creative design firm of the year 2021
  • National Architectural and Interior Design Excellence Awards and Conference 2019
  • Awarded “Most Innovative company of the Year 2019” Maharashtra under “E- Commerce and Technology” Category for the year 2019.
  • Awarded the “The Most Promising Interior Design Company of the Year 2015” by Worldwide Achievers
  • Awarded as “The Best Startups” by Times Group in 2015
  • Awarded for Business Innovation Emerging Brand and by Asian Leadership Awards 2015

As a source of inspiration for many, what would your advice be for female entrepreneurs planning to enter the business world?

On a global front, India stands at the 70th position amongst 77 when it comes to the women entrepreneurship index, but it can be improved with collective efforts. A recent extract from Forbes magazine said that women constitute 30% of senior corporate management positions in India which is higher when compared to a global index of 24%.

The truth that there is a vast gender gap in India’s overall workforce cannot be denied, but females need to believe in themselves first to mark growth. I feel that more and more women in India must take charge of entrepreneurship roles as it grants them financial freedom, flexibility, power and status in society.

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