Success Story of Vandana Luthra, Founder of VLCC


Success Story of Vandana Luthra VLCC Health Care Ltd. Owner

Women have to go through societal forms to compete in the world of male dominance. For example, most women are not allowed to work after marriage. But here comes Vandana Luthra, a budding entrepreneur and a great mother who broke what society made for her. She created such a fantastic company even after being a mother.

All about Vandana Luthra

Vandana Luthra is an inspirational and amazing young woman who led VLCC Health care Ltd. The company sells self-care products to women facing so many problems. Further, the company functions in various parts of the world. In 2014, she became the chairperson of the Beauty and wellness sectors. It is an NGO meant only to help people achieve the skin they have always been dreaming of. She faced a lot of criticism when she first wanted to do something in her life. Her concept of wellness was an unaware topic in the 1980s.

Vandana started with VLCC in the year 1989. She took a bank loan to start her company. Many people were against her when she was planning on doing the business. Her first company was based in New Delhi. The VLCC wellness center was established in Dubai in 2005. Further, she opened one branch in the USA too.

How did Vandana Luthra start her dream in the 1900s?

When Vandana wanted to become a woman entrepreneur, it was the time it was a male-dominated nation. Only men used to do business and women were generally not allowed to do it. People even tried to console her that she would be unsuccessful and make the wrong decision in life. But Vandana was planning on doing something unique. Firstly, it was unusual to be started in India for the very first time.

Vandana wanted to do everything on her work, even though her husband helped her financially. Her husband was supportive and tried to help her achieve her dream. So, she first started by taking a small loan. When she first started, it was such a new concept for people, so people started coming to her business. They wanted to know what the industry was all about. Even celebrities invested their money in the company. When people got the desired results, more people were interested in the product. She was a lot broke in the first month, but by 3rd month, she was able to give a return on investment.

Vandana started working with doctors from day one. Everyone has unique skin, and she wanted to learn what to give to all skin types. VLCC was about making beauty reasonable and able for every woman. The brand did not start as grand, but it did become grand in just a few of its starting.

Initial years of the business

Vandana faced a lot of tough times when she was criticized for her dream. Even doctors were not ready to support her goals. She was all alone at one point in the business. The medical fraternity was only interested in working with nutritionists and not anyone else. It took her almost five to six years to convince the fraternity. Wellness and beauty is a vast domain, and it requires collaboration with beauty and fitness experts.

She wanted a doctor, a nutritionist, and a cosmetologist. But she did not lose hope, and after about five years, she could convince people to come to her company.

Vandana and her goal

Vandana was born to an upper-middle-class family. Her parents were interested in her education, and she lived in a simple household. Her father was an engineer, while her brother was the topper from St. Stephen’s College. Additionally, she made friends from the slums and invited them to her home to watch TV.

Her mother was an Ayurvedic doctor, and she learned a lot about beauty from her mother. She wanted to impact people’s lives and do something to bring a change in society. When she saw her mother helping people, she wanted to add beauty to the holistic approach. She even went to Europe to pursue further studies on health and beauty. She got married in the 1980s, and her in-laws were not easy to live with.

She used to live away from her in-laws, but she wanted to live together. So she tried her best to convince her parents to live together. Finally, she could win over her in-laws in over three years. Once they thought of her as their own, she received a lot of encouragement to achieve her dream. For Vandana, VLCC is her personal life, and the VLCC family is like a family to her.

The evolution of the wellness centers

The wellness concept was very new at that point, so Vandana had to answer any questions regarding the topic. But after the industry gained momentum, people understood the issue correctly. People nowadays have started to take education. They want to look and feel good about themselves. The vision of VLCC is to create awareness and bring empowerment to people’s minds.

Vandana is becoming a successful model.

She wanted VLCC to be a one-stop destination for all kinds of beauty products, and she could provide that to people. Further, the services are provided as per the requirement of customers. The customers point out their needs, and VLCC fulfills them. VLCC has its own R&D centers. Vandana travels to different parts of the world to attend conferences, fairs, etc.

The journey of VLCC and its success

Being a women entrepreneur, people thought that VLCC would not last long. But her husband was her most excellent support and tried to help her financially. VLCC initially started with dietary modifications and provided customers to do various exercises. Secondly, it focused on weight management concepts. The beauty concepts were on hair, body, and even skincare. Finally, with advanced dermatology concepts, people got the results they were aspiring to.

VLCC has a robust international presence in about 153 cities around the world. It has a chain of 326 salons, with each chain providing equal importance to the customers. VLCC has employed more than 4,000 employees, and all are happy with the work. There are nutritionists, medical counselors, beauty professionals, etc. It holds the largest market share of beauty in India. The company also has certified plants in Singapore and Haridwar. It has manufactured more than 170 skin and body care products for customers.

Vandana as a philanthropist

Vandana is not just a businesswoman, but she also does much to serve society. She is known widely for her excellent work. She is the Vice-Chairperson of Khushii NGO. She is also an active member of the Moraji Desai National Institute of Yoga. She believes that people should follow a healthy lifestyle to lead a great life. Vandana has held about 5 million customers right from the time she started. It is all about providing the right products, diet, and beauty to people under one roof. The most popular products are weight loss management products. Many people have registered for the courses, and they have visible results.


When India could not accept women working, Vandana Luthra broke the norms and went ahead with VLCC. She is a true inspiration. VLCC holds 10% of the beauty market in India. She will always remain an inspiration for so many women trying to fulfill their dreams. Vandana Luthra is a strong and powerful woman. No one could stop her from achieving her dream. The women of today should dream and achieve their dreams. They should not be afraid of anything.

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