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Suprita Reddy Inspiring Story of a Healthcare Expert and Visionary

Established in the year 1981, Vijaya came into being to address the much needed convenience of availing diagnostic services in Radiology and Pathology, all under a roof, saving the patient the inconvenience of having to go different places in discomfort. We were the very first to bring this to market as early as in the 1980s and have today grown to be one of India’s largest chains of integrated diagnostics, garnering the trust and loyalty of millions of customers, practitioners and healthcare establishments and achieving a significant brand recall.

This novel idea still differentiates us from other players in the market that offer services either in pathology or radiology. We, on the other hand offer everything in diagnostics from a simple blood test to the most advanced radiology investigation like PET CT making us India’s largest comprehensive diagnostic centre.

Even back then in the 1980s, there was no compromise on the technology employed and the standards of quality and accuracy, enabling us to offer the best in terms of service quality. This is demonstrated by the fact that we were the first to introduce nuclear medicine (SPECT) in the diagnostic space way back in 1986, still a rare service in the diagnostic space in India today. The guiding principle was to offer the very best quality of service, concentrating on customer convenience and satisfaction at all times.

Joining the company in 2002, I started involving in as basic a task as billing to be able to clearly understand day-to-day operations by being in real ground-level contact with customers on a daily basis. 21 years hence, I now head the organisation as CEO and was instrumental in growing the company’s span of reach from 6 centres in 2002 to a staggering 125+ centres spread across 20 cities today. We now have a yearly turnover of 460crs and my effective team size spans 2500+ employees comprising those who were with us since inception and skilled talent we kept adding on the way.

When I took charge of business, every centre, even the most basic one had a processing lab, something that needed heavy upfront investment without translatable profitability. I along with my team turned the model around to have one processing centre by geographic location, ensuring profitability and eliminating upfront investment and operational load.

For enhanced convenience and easier reach, we prioritized on being as close as possible to the customer by adopting a hub and spoke model. We did this differently compared to other diagnostic players by making every spoke a service offering facility apart from being a feeding source to hub centres.

We oriented our way of conducting business to always valuing our customers the most, being attentive to their needs and aligning our services to offer convenience and the best possible customer experience at all times. Being on the ground surveying customers-responses, ensuring that they are satisfied with our services and constantly evolving effective strategies to improve service delivery – this has been our approach towards business

Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, I have been receptive to every situation that we encountered and allowed it to teach us what we did right and where we erred.  This helped me gather insights that enabled us excel and succeed each time.

We are always in an on-going attempt to build a strategically planned network of branches enabling our customers to access our services at a stone throw distance at affordable prices. Our presence in 125 + centres across 20 cities is a testament to this. We now have the facility of booking a test directly from the website with just a click of a button or from our fully functional AI enabled mobile app. Home collection services are now also a part of our service offering and our team of qualified personnel are trained to draw samples without discomfort to the patient, all this, from the comfort of home.

Vijaya is known to be the one among the pioneers in introducing the most advanced and sophisticated technology and equipment in the diagnostic space. Our aim behind taking this conscious stance of being the trailblazer in this regard is to achieve the best customer experience at all times while adopting the highest standards and reducing discomfort and inconvenience to the patient through the process of performing the investigation. Especially in radiology, the more advanced the technology, the less the exposure to harmful radiation, thereby preventing adverse effects on the health and well-being of the patient.

Expansion through each and every centre in our vast network was always backed by a conviction to bring the best of technology, expertise and service delivery to our customers and some break-through introductions through some of our recently inaugurated and prominent state-of-the-art centres across Hyderabad and others regions in AP and Telangana are

  • Panjagutta – Houses a one-of-its-kind Dual Source Cardiac CT in the whole of Hyderabad and a high end 3T MRI that performs the most unique investigations
  • Rajahmundry – The 384 slice cardiac CT is the only one in a radius of 150 to 200 KMs. It is the only diagnostic center to perform CT coronary angio in the region
  • Tirupati – The 3T MRI with ambient experience is unique in the region, eliminates claustrophobia and makes the overall experience pleasurable even for kids

Apart from being one among few players offering comprehensive services under one roof, we can boast of the highest growth rate in comparison to other players in the diagnostic space. Over the years, Vijaya has emerged as a name to reckon with for top-class diagnostic services and as a brand of choice for customers far and wide. With our dedicated approach of ‘quality first’, reliability, affordability and customer experience as the driving force, we are sure we will stand not juts to maintain , but to progressively improve our brand and gain the trust and loyalty of our customers increasingly each passing day.

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