Success story of Virat Kohli- Saga of a Legendary Cricket Celebrity!

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The success story of Virat Kohli

In this article, we talk about the famous cricketer Success story of Virat Kohli. Who could imagine that a Gully boy cricketer could aspire millions of cricket fans and lead Team India? Virat Kohli, the Captain of the Indian Cricket Team and an inspirational batsman of this decade showcased some of his exemplary batting hierarchy in the game.

The success saga unveils his personal and professional hardships and how he emerged victorious amongst all odds to avail of a topmost position. The enigma and fan base of Virat Kohli is crazy, and his urge to grasp the cricket intricacies took him far in the cricketing realm!

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Virat- ‘A Name that Inspires Millions’

India is a land of sports lovers, and cricket has always been a heartfelt sport for enthusiasts. Many players who achieved some of the significant milestones in this game registered their names forever, and one such is ‘Virat Kohli’! His excellence, consistency, perseverance, and dependable performance in Indian Cricket Team helped us bag many prestigious titles and awards in International Cricket.

Virat Kohli led the Indian Cricket Team with full responsibility and was a decision maker in every moment. He always crowned the team for all the winnings while taking charge of all the games lost. So, let’s learn more about his journey that could lay a pathway for new aspiring sportspeople of India.

His Early Days!

5th November 1988 is the birth date of this phenomenal cricketer born in New Delhi. Prem Kohli, a criminal lawyer, was his father, and the name of his mother was Saroj Kohli, a housewife. He’s the youngest amongst the elder sister Bawna and brother Vikas Kohli.

Virat had a streak for cricket at a tender of 3 Years, and his father recognized this quite well when he waived the bat with a stylish swing. He was also considered good in his studies, and teachers appreciated his good academic performance.

Virat Kohli’s Journey in Cricket

Virat joined the West Delhi Cricket Academy when his neighbor’s prompted his dad about his potential in cricket. He was just 9 when Rajkumar Sharma started giving him training, and Virat also portrayed full commitment to the practice and games.

Under-15 Career of Virat Kohli

Virat showed his first professional cricket appearance in the under-15 team at the Polly Umrigar Trophy in 2002-03. He then became the highest scorer with 172 runs, and organizers made him the Captain of the Polly Umrigar Trophy of 2003-04. In all, Virat hit 390 runs at the scoreboard in 5 innings.

Under-17 Career

With his determination and good performance, Virat Kohli got selected for the under-17 team in Delhi during the year 2003-04 for the Vijay Merchant Trophy, where he scored a whopping 170 runs in 4 innings. He scored the biggest runs in the 2004-05 Vijay Merchant Trophy with a score chart of 757 runs in over 7 matches. His A-class batsman appeal helped him go ahead in life.

Emotional Turmoils in Virat’s Life

The eminent decision maker of the Indian cricket team and a polished batsman, Virat Kohli was carved out of various personal life-shattering incidents. He was just 18 and playing a match against Karnataka when his beloved father died from a brain stroke. Delhi was in a weak position when he batted a 90 run and then headed for the father’s funeral. The shattering incident broke him and his family, thus motivating him more toward achieving his goals in life. Virat Kohli’s quotes mention that it was his father’s dream to see him play for the Indian Cricket team, which provoked him further to battle the odds constantly.

Under 19-

In July 2006, Virat Kohli got selected for the England tour in the Indian Under-19 cricket team. It was his first international cricket, and his outstanding performance on the field helped him become a captain of the under-19 cricket World Cup conducted in 2008 in Malaysia. He stood at the 3rd best position by batting 235 runs and soon emerged as the leading Indian batsman during that time.

International Glory for Virat Kohli!

During the 2008 tour to Sri Lanka, the top batsmen of the Indian cricket team, Virendra Sehwag and Sachin Tendulkar, had an injury that again emerged as a debutant opportunity for Virat Kohli. He was 19 then and made 12 runs in the first match itself. Virat also made a half-century with almost 54 runs of 4 matching during the same series.

Back at that time, the Indian team was already studded with fantastic cricketers, and Virat occasionally used to get opportunities, and he performed pretty well. Gradually, Virat depicted an overwhelming performance during international matches and qualified for the 2011 World Cup Team. He was the first batsman to score 100 during the initial world cup match against Bangladesh.

Being the first Indian player to make 100 at the debut in World Cup Match was a notable achievement. His 35 runs partnership with Gautam Gambhir was also a significant thing. Virat contributed 282 runs to the 2011 World Cup and witnessed the moment of glory by lifting the World cup trophy back then.

Virat has always been a consistent performer, and another example of it was the magnificent 176 runs he scored, leading to a winning streak at the Champions Trophy in 2013. During the 2015 World Cup, India made it to the Semi-Finals, and Virat’s contribution was 305 runs to the board.

Indian cricket Team dominated the cricket grounds in the 2019 World cup with their heroic play, but hard luck during the semi-finals led to a close loss. But, even then, Virat Kohli scored 443 runs and knocked off the opponents hard!

Captain of Indian Cricket Team

After M.S.Dhoni took retirement from Test Cricket, Virat Kohli became the Captain of the Indian Test team in 2014. Post that; he also became the T20 and ODI team captain when M.S.Dhoni gave up on the captainship.

Virat Kohli also actively participated in the IPL (Indian Premier League) by becoming the Captain of Royal Challengers Bangalore in 2008. Though the franchise bagged lucrative earnings in his captainship, they cannot earn any significant IPL Title yet.

With some greatest records, a fierce batting display, and immense devotion to his career, Virat Kohli emerged as the No.1 batsman in this era of Indian cricket.

Love Life of Virat

Virat Kohli entered a blissful emotional connection with Anushka Sharma, a well-known Bollywood actress, in 2013. They both got hooked on 11th December 2017 in an intimate wedding ceremony in Florence, Italy. Fans gave them the lovely title of ‘Viruhka’!

Endorsements and Social Stature

Virat Kohli is the cream face of many leading brands like Puma, Wrogn, Audi, MRF Tyres, Manyavar, and so on. He is the only Indian cricketer to get featured in the 100 highest-paid athletes of the world. Virat believed in the notion of giving back to society and opened a Virat Kohli Charity Foundation in 2013 for unprivileged kids.

Virat’s hardwork and popularity gave him several nicknames like ‘Chiku,’ ‘Run Machine,’ ‘King Kohli, ‘ and the ‘Chase Machine.’ He’s an inspiration to aspiring cricketers and constantly motivates them with his determination toward fitness, consistency, and aggressive gameplay. Kudos to his success!

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