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Avimukta: An Indian Corporate Houses’ Leading Legal Partner

One may ask that; especially today when the name of an enterprise is chosen on its sheer catchy tone. But in this regard, we carry a conventional outlook. A name suggests the core soul of an entity. Hence, ‘AVIMUKTA’ – is never forsaken.

The founder, Neha, has hands-on Industry experience of almost 12 years in the high impact Legal Recruitment space, with leading international recruiting firms. Neha’s core strengths are her excellent knowledge in the domain, her wide network which includes top organizations worldwide, access to world-class manpower, and her long-term portfolio management skills.

After serving as an exceptional contributor to her employers for 7 years, both in India and overseas, Neha, knew that she was ready to launch her passion and combine it with her valuable expertise to start her own independent legal recruiting venture – offering world-class customized plans and cost-effective solutions for organizations and individuals. She was aware that plunging into this new trajectory in her career would encounter considerable challenges and competition; however, she only knew one direction, which is to move forward into bringing her vision to life. Neha bid goodbye to the employer in Singapore and returned to Mumbai, India, which marked the beginning of an incredible story of “Avimukta,” founded in August 2016.

Avimukta prides itself on achieving great heights with its team of 5, in just a matter of a few years, where it has expanded its operations many folds throughout the country. In the last 6 years, they have had more than 400+ closures in the legal space of which 50% have been at the mid-level and 30% at the senior level, and 20% at the junior level. Based out of Mumbai, Avimukta, as an organization promises, delivers, understands, researches identifies world-class manpower, and keeps your organization’s goals at the forefront. Avimukta is focused on identifying trends, and customer requirements and building customized solutions for organizations. Top tier Law firms and corporate houses in India and overseas have chosen Avimukta as their leading legal partner and we value their association and trust in us. As we grow globally, we welcome all clients to partner with us to identify the best practices for their organization; and, invite individuals looking for a new opportunity in the legal space to collaborate with us in their journey to success.

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