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Rashi Menda’s Journey, Empowering Women in Fashion and Entrepreneurship

Explore the Exclusive Rashi Menda’s Interview with Decision Maker

I’m Rashi Menda, founder of IS.U. My journey began in finance, working with Ernst & Young after graduating from the University of Minnesota. The corporate world didn’t resonate with me, leading me to explore startups. I joined Prime Ventures, transitioning to Unamia and later founding Zapyle, a fashion marketplace. Recognizing the challenge of finding well-fitting clothes, I launched IS.U, driven by a mission to offer impeccable fits and celebrate individuality.

Major Offerings and Distinction:

At IS.U, we redefine fashion through a distinctive blend of impeccable fits, captivating prints, and unique designs. Our garments aren’t just fabric; they’re narratives of real women, forging a profound connection between fashion and empowerment. A testament to our innovation, our Midaxi category, seamlessly uniting maxi and midi lengths, has become a bestseller, epitomizing our prowess in understanding and exceeding customer expectations. IS.U is not merely a brand; it’s a revolution in fashion, where every piece is a statement of strength and individuality.

Women in Male Dominated Industry:

The fashion industry, historically dominated by men, is now evolving. Instead of viewing challenges as obstacles, we see them as gateways for women to thrive. In this era, it’s time to move beyond gender categories, celebrating the wealth of opportunities for both men and women. Today’s women are more aspirational than ever, breaking free from stereotypes. Let’s revel in this era of equal prospects, transcending the narratives that limit individuals based on gender. It’s about prowess and potential, unrestricted by gender norms.

Clientele and Client Satisfaction:

Our clients are diverse, reflecting the universality of fashion. We keep them satisfied by delivering on our promise of unique designs, comfortable fits, and a celebration of individuality. Constant customer engagement and feedback play a pivotal role in shaping our offerings.

Starting a Business in India as a Woman:

Starting a business in India as a woman/man comes with its challenges, but the landscape is evolving. The key is resilience and a determination to shatter stereotypes. Initiatives supporting women entrepreneurs are growing, making it an exciting time for aspiring businesswomen.

Balancing Personal and Professional Life:

Balancing personal and professional life is a constant journey. I prioritize effective time management, surround myself with a strong support system, and delegate responsibilities. It’s about making intentional choices that align with both personal and professional goals.

Awards :

IS.U has garnered acclaim for its innovative approach and impactful presence:

#1. Digital Women Awards: Awarded “Women in Business – Most Innovative Idea” for our groundbreaking contributions to the fashion industry.

#2. YourStory Startup of the Year 2021: Recognized as the “Startup of the Year 2021” by YourStory, a testament to our exceptional growth and impact.

#3. Women Economic Forum: Acknowledged at the Women Economic Forum for our significant contributions to women’s entrepreneurship and empowerment.

#4. Media Recognition: Featured and praised in leading publications including Times of India, Vogue, Femina, Hello, Economic Times, Harper’s Bazaar, The Hindu, Grazia, and more.

These accolades affirm our commitment to innovation, entrepreneurship, and reshaping the narrative of women in business.

Advise for Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs:

For women aspiring to enter the business world, my advice is to believe in your abilities, embrace challenges, and never shy away from your unique perspective. Surround yourself with a network of mentors and peers who uplift and support you. The journey might be tough, but the rewards are immeasurable. Success is not defined by gender; it’s defined by determination and resilience.


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