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Visionary Women Entrepreneur Darshana Thakkar, Who is transforming the businesses


Give us a bit of background about yourself and your company

Women have been marking their presence in the business world. Their contributions have been instrumental in shaping the business landscape. women bring unique perspectives and skills to the table, fostering innovation and driving positive change. Their determination and ability to overcome obstacles serve as a source of motivation for others, encouraging inclusivity and empowering future generations of women in business.

Ms Darshana Thakkar, Founder, and CEO of Transformation-The Strategy HUB, is one of those names that has been inspiring women to step up for their lifelong goals.   

Transformation –The strategy HUB has been started with the vision of helping Indian MSMEs grow their business to the next level, become competitive with the global market, and enable them to be a part of the global supply chain.

Of India’s 6 crore plus MSMEs, 95 % are Micro Enterprises. Companies ranging from 5 crore to 50 crore businesses have the highest growth potential and are striving to grow and become a part of the global supply chain. Unfortunately, they cannot achieve their dream due to inadequate resources and a lack of the right strategy and timely information.

At Transformation, we are passionate about supporting such high-potential MSMEs/SME/SMBs to increase and improve their business potential. Our specialty is our strategic approach, affordable solutions, and customized processes and procedures in line with their organizational culture, which is why our customers trust our services.

Our existence and goals are to promote #localforvocal and #atmanirbharbharat to contribute to making our great nation India the world leader. The #MSME sector is a very high potential contributor, and we are committed to transforming Indian MSMEs to their highest potential.

Give us insights into the major offerings of the company. And how does the company support people with its offerings?

The Transformation- is dedicated to supporting MSMEs, start-ups, and women entrepreneurs.

#1. MSME Business Transformation

  • To define a strategic growth path for MSME companies
  • Formulation of Growth and marketing strategies
  • Transform the organization from a person to a system-driven
  • Profitability and productivity enhancement
  • Automation and Digital Transformation of the MSME organization.
  • Advisory and support for different government schemes for MSME
  • Develop a business process and system to fit with your organizational culture
  • Organizational restructuring and strategic planning across the function: Planning, Procurement, Production, Inventory, Marketing, Accounts, and HR
  • Effective Utilization of your valuable resources: Material, Machines, Manpower, Money, Time, Data, and Technology
  • Training of business function to improve employee performance

#2. Start-up mentoring and handholding

  • Starting from idea generation, selecting a business, SWOT Analysis, and starting a business for aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • Start-up process from Type of company and registration, various government registration process support, and complete handholding for all starting process
  • Guidance in the vital decision-making at a different stage of business
  • Support in a feasibility study to estimate market demand and production capacity.
  • Support to define marketing strategy and to implement same
  • Support in project report and Fundraising options
  • Advisory for appropriate fund distribution in different assets and working capital
  • Advisory and support in establishing business premises and in the procurement of capital assets
  • Advisory and support business operations during the initial period of business operations.
  • Advisory and support to avail the benefit of the different government schemes for the start-up business

#3. Women Entrepreneurs

  • Helping women start their business
  • Supporting women entrepreneurs to grow their business and brand value

What makes your company stand out in the market?

There are plenty of consulting companies in operations nowadays. Few are operating at enormous scales that are not pocket-friendly for MSMEs. Further, The seasoned professionals of the different sectors of the corporate world started many other consulting firms.

Transpfrmation is a consulting company started by seasoned professionals in the MSME sector. It offers a unique benefit for client organizations and adds tremendous value in finding the problem and its appropriate optimal solutions for Micro and small enterprises.

The founder, Mrs. Darshana Thakkar, brings inherent capabilities of detail orientation and cost consciousness, making Transformation Strategy Hub highly suitable for MSMEs/SMEs/SMBs.

As an MSME Transformation specialist, Our specialty in the following area is an essential driving factor behind our success.

  • Confidentiality of the client’s information
  • Affordable Solutions
  • Changes in line with the organizational culture
  • Feedback monitoring system for improvement. We don’t do an advisory; we transform the organization backed by results.

How do self-made women entrepreneurs feel in the male-dominated industry?

Women leaders and women entrepreneurs face challenges and resistance in our male-dominated society. Despite public discourse centered around equality, there is a lack of genuine support. These challenges include obtaining senior positions, promotions, and fair pay packages for working women. Women entrepreneurs also encounter various obstacles, such as stakeholders attempting to undermine them and influence others to change their supportive decisions. Despite their excellent performance and success, women tend to be kept on a secondary level. The key is in women supporting women for sustainable results.

What do you think is the biggest problem for women entrepreneurs?

The biggest problem for women entrepreneurs is the prevailing gender bias and discrimination in society. They face numerous challenges, such as limited access to capital and funding, a lack of networking opportunities, and biases in perceptions of their competency and leadership abilities. Additionally, societal expectations and stereotypes often place additional responsibilities on women, making balancing work and personal life harder. All these factors contribute to the significant barriers and inequalities that women entrepreneurs encounter.

Who are your clients? How do you keep your clients happy and satisfied?

The Transformation specializes in assisting micro-enterprises and family-owned businesses. We help bridge the generation gap and facilitate the Transformation of organizations by providing technology knowledge and business experience. Transformation acts as a catalyst for resolving differences and transforming the organization. We create awareness, recommend reasonable solutions, and support technology implementation in the clients’ businesses.

We provide our clients with customized solutions that align with their organization’s culture; we implement baby steps changes, ensure proper implementation by feedback and audit, and provide necessary training as and when required.

We also guide and support our clients where any government scheme for MSME is available and applicable to the client’s portfolio and requirements. We help them to take the benefit as well.

Is it difficult for women entrepreneurs to start a business in India?

Yes, it can be challenging for women entrepreneurs to start a business in India. They often face various obstacles and societal barriers that make it difficult for them to establish and grow their ventures. These challenges include cultural and gender biases, lack of access to financial resources and networks, limited support systems, and discriminatory practices. However, there have been efforts by the government and various organizations to promote women entrepreneurship and provide support through initiatives such as financial schemes, mentorship programs, and skill development training. Despite the challenges, many women entrepreneurs in India have successfully overcome these obstacles and achieved remarkable success in their respective fields.

How do you achieve a balance between your personal and professional life?

In Indian society, where most of the family and social responsibilities fall on the shoulders of women, it’s pretty challenging. Fortunately, I have very good support from my family, and my husband Manish always supports me in anything, whether it’s a long and odd-hour business schedule or frequent outstation travel.

What have you learned about entrepreneurship in your journey?

Ms Darshana Thakkar’s journey has been inspiring. She holds a few remarkable positions include:

  • Founder and CEO of Transformation.
  • Certified Women Director by IICA, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India.
  • Member of the Board of Management at Makarpura Industrial Estate Co-operative Bank Limited.
  • Empanel and Recognized Start-up Mentor, Jury, and Trainer by CED, Government of Gujarat.
  • Registered and Verified Business Advisor- Tata Nexarc, Tata Business HUB, Mumbai.
  • National President (Entrepreneurship development council) -WICCI-Women Indian Chamber of commerce and Industry
  • Chairperson of the MSME Support & PRO at Makarpura GIDC Association, Vadodara.
  • Advisory Board member- MSME Business Forum India.
  • Author in India’s No -1 Industrial Automation magazine.
  • Author & publisher of blogs, articles, Research reports & case studies related to the industry.

Souvenirs of Success

Ms Darshana Thakkar has received a wide range of accolades over the years. Some of them are

  • Winner of Gujarat Women’s Leader Award 2022 by CMO Asia.
  • Winner of Influential Women Leader in Business by Insight Success 2022.
  • Winner of MSME honor award -2023by Tally Solutions
  • Felicitated by Mentor My Board in the gracious presence of Honourable FM Mrs Nirmala Sitaraman during Women Director’s conclave -2022.
  • Listed and was featured among Gujarat’s top ten women entrepreneurs for 2022 by Hello Mumbai News.
  • Recognized as India’s most trusted consulting company by Insight Success 2022.
  • Listed among the Top 50 Most Trusted Consulting Companies of 2022 by Insight Success.
  • Featured as Top Influential Women in Business 2023 in Decision Makers magazine.
  • Featured as a top women in technology in March-2021 ,in Industrial Automaton magazine
  • Felicitated by the president of Makarpura GIDC Association during the Suvarna Jayanti Mahotsav in Dec-2022 for her excellent contribution in supporting MSME
  • The interview was featured in the Quarterly magazine of the World Trade Centre, Mumbai, in May 2021.
  • Have covered in few regional premium newspapers, TV channels, and digital media.
  • Felicitated during Fempreneur Award-2023, organized by Vyapaar Jagat, for excellent contribution to Women’s Entrepreneurship Development and Empowerment
  • Interview about technology in the Automotive industry published in the cover story of Industrial Automation magazine April-2023
  • Felicitated during Automation Expo-2023 for outstanding contribution as an organizing committee and jury member for India Automation Challenge-2023

As a source of inspiration for many, what would your advice be for female entrepreneurs, who are planning to start own business?

Darshana advises women: “Stick to your goal and pursue your dream. Nobody can stop you except yourself. I understand women in India have more responsibilities in social life also. But come out of your comfort zone and dare to be different. Women of the current time are lucky enough to have a positive environment from all the stack holders of society, including the government, and both men and women of our country support them.” Become resilient to adopt whatever changes are required in your lifestyle and always be ready to learn new things.


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