Bharathi Kamath

Bharathi Kamath A Trailblazing Woman Entrepreneur Redefining Success Beyond Boundaries

About Bharathi Kamath Bharathi Kamath is the Managing Director of Carewel Facilities India Pvt Ltd. She is a passionate entrepreneur and dynamic personality who has made significant strides in the business world with her innovative solutions in the Facility Management industry. She inspires future entrepreneurs to overcome various obstacles and societal barriers, demonstrating remarkable resilience, […]

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Krsnaa Diagnostic

Pallavi Jain: Krsnaa Diagnostic Setting the Standard for Healthcare Excellence in India

Tell us a bit about your ‘backstory’ and how you got started. With a natural talent for marketing, strong presentation abilities, and a keen sense for business development, I embarked on a distinctive journey. Despite lacking prior experience in healthcare, I ventured into the field with Krsnaa Diagnostics, a novel opportunity that didn’t require financial […]

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7 Most Popular Magazines, Especially for Women Entrepreneurs

The rising contribution of women entrepreneurship in the business world is a good sign for society. In recent years, women entrepreneurs have dominated large industries with their passion, dedication and ability to take significant risks. A global community of female entrepreneurs has been rising significantly around the world. The power of the men’s dominating the […]

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Nishu Miglani Search Quest Consultants

Meet Nishu Miglani, Founder and MD of Search Quest Consultants – A Visionary Leader in Talent Acquisition

ABOUT SEARCH QUEST CONSULTANT Search Quest Consultants is recognized as a full-spectrum recruitment services company catering to diverse workforce needs across industry verticals. Established in 2008, the organization comprises a dedicated team of professional recruitment consultants offering specialized talent acquisition services for the strategic human capital programs of numerous top-tier enterprises. Over a short span […]

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Rashi Menda Empowering Women

Rashi Menda’s Journey, Empowering Women in Fashion and Entrepreneurship

Explore the Exclusive Rashi Menda’s Interview with Decision Maker I’m Rashi Menda, founder of IS.U. My journey began in finance, working with Ernst & Young after graduating from the University of Minnesota. The corporate world didn’t resonate with me, leading me to explore startups. I joined Prime Ventures, transitioning to Unamia and later founding Zapyle, […]

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Dr. Tripti Bhatnagar and Codon Biotech LLP

Empowering Tomorrow’s Biotech Leaders: The Visionary Journey of Dr. Tripti Bhatnagar and Codon Biotech LLP

Dr. Tripti Bhatnagar, a visionary entrepreneur and educator, is the Founder and Managing Director of Codon Biotech LLP, pioneering affordable biotechnology education and empowering students with practical learning experiences. In a one-on-one interview with Decision Maker, Tripti provided insights into her entrepreneurial journey, her brand, the obstacles she encountered, and numerous other inspiring aspects. Q: […]

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Shalli Bhasin Bawa

Explore the boundless creativity and visionary leadership of Shalli Bhasin Bawa at Crux Creative Solutions

In our exclusive interview with Shalli Bhasin Bawa, Founder and CEO of Crux Creative Solutions Pvt Ltd, she shares insights into her remarkable journey and the unique offerings of her company. With over 23 years of experience spanning branding, marketing, and communication, Shalli’s entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to creativity have propelled Crux Creative Solutions to […]

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List of Content Writing Techniques

A Comprehensive List of Content Writing Techniques to Boost Engagement

Every kind of write-up on the internet, whether it is a blog, journal, etc., usually has one common goal – to get maximum engagement. This goal can only be achieved when the writing pieces rank higher in the SERP. And we all know search engines like Google only reward content with higher rankings that is […]

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Interview with Payal Kapoor

Interview with Payal Kapoor An Avid Dreamer and Designer Envisioning Heavenly Spaces!

How did you come to be an entrepreneur? I come from a “middle-class Fauji” background, my father was a senior officer in the Indian Navy and parent to 3 daughters, while my mother was “settled” to raise us happily. I got married to a qualified man from the corporate sector holding a leading position at […]

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Jyoti Sudhir

Entrepreneurial Triumphs Unveiled: Jyoti Sudhir, InventIndia

With a rich experience of 21+ years in leadership, team and organization transformation, I am holding various academic, corporate & partnership positions besides Leading the Strategy & Operations for InventIndia an Award-Winning Global Innovation Company focused on developing Patentable & Meaningful Game Changing Products with businesses across the globe. Starting from Business Strategies dictated by […]

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